Event Spirit

Every player must compete in every game with the commitment of respecting the spirit of this competition and promoting the positive sport values that brings together teams from around the world.


When athletes, and people in general, achieve the goals they have set themselves, it’s moment to be clear about one’s values, and to mantain them and defend them even in situations where you are more successful.


Respect for others is one of the basic requirements form participating on MEDWTC. It is a fundamental part of sport, competition generates situations of tension that implies the presence of respect or self-control for solving the intensity of the situation.


The desire to achieve the maximum performance and do things not only well but also as well as is feasibly possible and to improve every day. This impulse to grow requieres: excellence, patience, discipline, order, motivation or responsibility.


In the MEDWTC players form part of a team, and that implies that becomes an active element that acts on behalf of the whole. Playing for the team or supporting teammates, every member of the team is key to achieve the global goal.


It’s a value that can take us to unthinkable heights and led us to achieve targets and objectives that may other times appear inaccessible. Dedication, rigour, constancy sacrifice and perseverance are key for chasing our dreams.


MEDWTC gives a great opportunity to young tennis players to play against others from other countries in their same category. MEDWTC Media Team will collect all the stories making reports and taking pictures of the most special moments of this event. Besides, all the tournament members will have the opportunity to follow all the scores and biggest stories in the tournament daily newspaper.

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